How to Get Started and Costs

Custom Home Design and Construction Cost

Unlike an existing subdivision, custom homes will require (regardless of size),

the following site and land improvements.

1.  Required Site and Land Improvements:


Determine your needs.

  • Construction of a Driveway

  • Septic System Installation

  • Well Drilling

  • Land Clearing

  • Excavation

  • Foundation

The most expensive type of custom home construction would be: conventional 2x6 framing with the exterior covered in brick or stone.

Generally a custom Katahdin Cedar Log Home will cost less than either of these two types of custom home construction*.

*assuming these examples would have the same interior features.

Given the aforementioned examples, it has been our experience that the minimum cost for a (turn key) 3 bedroom 2 bath custom cedar log home would be approximately $300,000 to $325,000.

2. Lender


For a custom home loan you will need to show the ability to provide at least 25% down payment in either cash or a current bank appraised land value.

The combination of your available down payment and the amount you finance will equal your budget.

Your lender can issue you a pre-qualification letter based on your current income, outstanding debt and down payment ability.

Example:  A custom home project that appraises for $400,000 will require $100,000 cash down either in owned land value or cash.  This results in a 30 year mortgage of $300,000.  

  • Term:  30 years
  • Interest: 5%
  • Payment: $1650. Per month


Loan pre-qualification will provide you with the amount you qualify for so you can to choose the right size Custom Katahdin Cedar Log Home to begin the design process.

3. Budget:

Our experience has shown that those who know how much they can afford to borrow as well as how much they have available for their down payment before they select a particular log home design will have the most successful outcome for their custom log home project.

The combination you plan to finance and your available down payment of cash and/or paid for land value will determine the budget for your log home project.


How much do you plan to finance?

Add that to the amount of your cash down payment and/or paid for land value. 

Example:  If your Available cash and/or paid land value is $150,000., you would apply this as your 25% minimum down payment for a custom home project of $600,000.


Qualify for the loan and move ahead with your project.

Example:  From the example above, you would qualify for a $450,000 loan.

  •  Term: 30 Years
  •  Interest:  5%
  •  Monthly Payment $2,475.

To lower your payment, add cash to your down payment.

Now you are ready to Design and Build!

Review Log Cabin Designs and Features Here. Determine your preferred design. Then Contact Us to Begin!